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Our expertise at your service

IT development is our passion. A pure passion that radiates through your projects.

Modern websites

WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify, Symfony, we know them all, all agencies or companies know how to do it now. We also often hear about Angular, React, VueJS, etc. and now things get a little more complicated. These frameworks evolve so quickly that it is difficult to keep up to date on each of them. Well we made this bet, and we even couple them to .NET Core, Kotlin, Deno, Blazor. In order to produce increasingly modern and ever more innovative websites for you.

Web Development

Robust software

We only use robust and proven frameworks or programming languages to develop our customers' solutions or our own solutions. We also test each brick of our solutions to guarantee as few bugs as possible (and yes, the 0 bug exists at Geek-Inc.). Through our partnerships with Microsoft, Adobe and Google, we provide security, excellence and robustness unmatched in the market.


At your own pace

Developing a solution takes time, some take 5 years to release software, others a few weeks or a few days. Anyway, we adapt to your deadline and even if it is near, we give the maximum to allow you to keep your commitments. We provide you with an agile environment that allows you to better organize our time, have a better visual on the delivery stages, but also follow in real time the development and design of your product.