Improve your skills, thanks to those of the community

We do not all have the same skills, facilities, aptitudes, but we all share the same passion, the same goal, the same objective. When we are working on a project, we often call on different trades that we do not control, or else we delegate certain tasks. This is much easier when we are in a business, but what about when we are an entrepreneur and we can not afford to hire someone else to help us ?


The mandalorians

At Geek-Inc., watching the Disney series "The Mandalorian", an idea came to us. Why not use our incredible community in our projects? And why should we not encourage each member of the community to work together, on their own projects as well as on ours? Like the Mandalorians, they are masters in their arts, they can share the bonuses, but also demonstrate their competitiveness in order to obtain the best grades and thus increase their rates.

How it works ?

We opted for a subscription system. So that all profiles find their happiness there, we have divided the offer into 3 parts.

Credit card

150€ per month

This formula allows you to get help from an expert on a specific technology or field. Design assistance, project support, training on new technology, etc. Everything will be completely online, so you can call on our skills to make your individual projects a success.

Credit card

300€ per month

This formula allows you to get help, but also to participate in our projects and be paid accordingly. It's a good way to be able to take advantage of our services to work on your individual projects, but also to earn money by collaborating on our projects with your skills. The more you participate in projects, the more you will increase your remuneration.

Credit card

500€ per quarter

This formula combines the advantages of the two less expensive, but also gives you access to the responses to open market that we are addressing. The offer is quarterly because we will ask you every quarter for an up-to-date resume in order to always transmit the most recent resume possible and thus increase your chances of being part of the offer, giving access in fact to a better remuneration.

Become a Mandalorian

If you want to become a Mandalorian too, you just need to register now. An email will be sent to you as soon as the portal is opened